Fashion Doll Friday – Black Basics Barbie No.11

This week’s doll is another of my favourite Basics girls and although I’ve used her as a model before I’m not sure if I have featured her.This is number 11 from the first series and she has the Teresa face. I call her Julia.

Black Basics Barbie

Black Basics Barbie No. 11

Fashion Doll Friday – M.I.A.

Regular followers of this blog will have noticed that there was no Fashion Doll Friday post this week. I think it’s the first time I’ve missed it since I started doing them.
On Friday my husband, who hasn’t been very well lately, had to go to hospital so for the last three days I’ve been shuttling back and forth between home and the hospital 60km away in Hobart. I’m pleased to say that he seems to be responding to treatment for an infection but I expect him to be in hospital for at least a few more days. Needless to say I haven’t had a lot of time to think about dolls.

Anyway I’m going to do what all television stations do when the scheduled programming is interrupted. I’m doing a re-run. Here is Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V aka Mel who I have posted about before but she’s one of my favourites so here she is again.
Normal programming will be resumed as soon as possible.

image FF Kayla blue/black dress

Mel looks pretty in a dress too.

Fashion Doll Friday – Happy Valentine’s Day

Shall We Dance?

Jan, who is of course one of the Red Basic’s Barbies wears a Fashion Avenue outfit made for Teen Skipper. Her partner who is an articulated Ken wears a OOAK outfit bought from eBay.

A New Doll

I haven’t been able to get out much lately so I haven’t been to any markets or second hand shops to look for dolls, dolls outfits or materials to make them. Then, the other day, my sister emailed me to say that she had a doll for me. A workmate of hers had given her some teddy bears which she collects and this old doll. I won’t be able to collect her for a while but I decided to write about her anyway now that I have pictures.

Hard plastic doll

Hard plastic doll-photo N Bovill

My sister tells me that the doll is quite large, it sounds as if she is 18-20 inches tall and is made from hard plastic. One of her childhood dolls is made of a similar material. It’s a rather brittle but heavy plastic and I haven’t seen it on many other dolls. Her doll was given to her in the early 1960s. She thinks this one may be from the 60s or early 70s but it doesn’t appear to have any marks which always makes dating them a bit harder.

The doll is wearing a home-made outfit and it looks as if someone has gone to some trouble to make her look nice. I asked my sister to see if her workmate can tell her more about how she came by the doll. Did it belong to a family member? Can she remember when it was bought? It will help with the research.

Apart from the fact that her hair is a bit of a fright she seems to be in good condition. She has her eyelashes and isn’t dirty or faded. A shampoo and re-style will have her looking as good as new. I’m looking forward to having her at home and will take some photos of her makeover then.

Here is a close up of her face

Here is a close up of her face-photo N Bovill

Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave F

I’m really starting to lose track of who I’ve featured in Fashion Doll Friday after more than a year but I know we haven’t had a Fashion Fever doll for some time and I’m pretty sure that although I’ve used Ember in other posts she hasn’t been a Friday Girl yet.

Ember in an outfit from a Fashion Fever Closet that only she could wear and get away with it.

Ember in an outfit from a Fashion Fever Closet that only she could wear and get away with it.

Fashion Doll Friday – Sit In Style Christie

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Fashion Doll Friday – Sit In Style Christie Today’s doll is Sit In Style Christie from 1999. She was one that I think I had to buy from eBay as it has always been a bit harder to find the African American play line dolls here in Australia.  I really like her hair and I […]