Fashion Doll Friday-Divergent Tris

I treated myself to a new Barbie! I could not resist Divergent Tris even though I’m not familiar with the storyline of the films.I love her face and I like the short hair on this one much more than the first Tris doll. Here she is straight out of the box.

Divergent Tris de-boxed

Divergent Tris de-boxed

Fashions by Ellasdolls

As it’s become harder to find fashion doll clothing that I like I’ve turned more and more to people who sell custom-made outfits on the internet primarily eBay but also other online auction sites. One of my favourite sellers here in Australia is Ellasdolls  aka Sue Warner. The clothing is simple, mostly dresses, tops and skirts and leggings  made in stretch material. I like them because they fit all the different Barbie bodies as well as Fashion Royalty. They are well made and fun to mix and match.

I emailed Sue to ask her if I could post about her and I asked her if she would answer a couple of questions. Here are her replies.

Me: How did you start making fashion doll clothes?
Sue: All my life I have loved dolls and loved sewing and have had a go at most crafts. After a major life change some years ago I found myself in Brisbane in a little Unit. Clothes were so expensive that I began to make some patterns so that I could make some clothes. From that I decided to sell them on a well-known site. For four years I was kept extremely busy designing, making patterns & clothes. During that time I decided to make clothes for Ken Dolls & 16″ Ellowyne & the Tonner Dolls. Ninety percent of the clothes are sent to The United States.

Me: What dolls do you collect yourself?
Sue: I discovered The Fashion Royalty Doll online and just had to have one. In my doll collection I have about 10 Fashion Royalty Girls and 1 FR Homme Boy, 2 Barbies, 1 Ellowyne, several Tonner Girls and others.

Me: Would you describe your work area please?
Sue: My Sewing area is on a desk in my bedroom in front of a big window, my cutting area is on my couch really while watch TV at night I cut clothes out. On my table is my computer and that is where I pack the orders.

Thank you Sue for being my first ever interview subject.Here are a few of the outfits that I’ve bought from Sue over the past couple of years. The models are :

  • Roxanne – Naf Naf Midge
  • Malibu Barbie
  • Ember – Fashion Fever Teresa Wave F
  • Julie – Coca Cola Barbie (Sweetheart) 2000. I don’t know that for sure because I bought her nude.
  • Midge – USAF Aviator Barbie
  • Becky –  Black Basics Barbie 09
  • Jennifer – Black Basics Barbie 12
  • Amy – Denim Basics Barbie 04

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Paper Dolls Again

I have previously written a post about our childhood paper dolls but today I want to share a link that my sister sent me last week.

It is called “Free Paper Dolls” 

As the title suggests it is a site where you can download paper dolls. You can search the  collection by  decades from 1930s to the 1960s, by theme for example babies or  Christmas or by publisher eg. Saalfield, Whitman etc.

My sister and I loved playing with paper dolls as children. They are fragile toys though so most of them did not survive our childhoods. We are always excited when we find a reproduction of an old favourite. The first paper dolls we had were British and apart from our original “Bunty” paper doll we’ve not come across many of those.


Bunty Paper doll c1963. Picture courtesy of


However, we have had less trouble finding the American ones that we played with. My sister did a lot of the research to find them. I can’t remember how many sets of wedding paper dolls she searched through before she found the one that I used to have. Saalfield’s “Bridal Party”. She bought me a repro copy as a gift.

Bridal Party

Reproduction of “Bridal Party” by Saalfield

The Free Paper Dolls site has some other childhood favourites of ours. This is Saalfield’s “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”.

Saalfield "The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe" photo courtesy of

Saalfield “The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe” photo courtesy of

Another Saalfield set we had was “Best Friends”. I do love the graphics in these old paper doll books

Saalfield "Best Friends" courtesy of

Saalfield “Best Friends” courtesy of

Another reproduction set that my sister gave me is “Campus Queens” also by Saalfield. Apart from our Bunty comic dolls we seem to have had more Saalfield paper dolls than any other company. I don’t think the free site has Campus Queens but you can purchase a reproduction book from this site.

Reproduction of Saalfield's Campus Queens Paper Doll Book

Reproduction of Saalfield’s Campus Queens Paper Doll Book

The New Doll – Part Two

On Saturday my sister came down to visit me and she brought the doll that her friend had given her. We haven’t been able to find out much more about her as she is unmarked and the lady who gave her to my sister could not remember where she had acquired her. She thought it was probably from an Op Shop. Here she is looking cheerful but a bit untidy at my sister’s house.

Hard plastic doll

Hard plastic doll

On Sunday I spent some time giving her a light clean and trying to do something with her hair. I discovered that her eyes which looked greenish in the photos are a light brown or hazel and that her dress is actually quite big on her. It looks as if it were made for a chubbier doll, or maybe the person who made it didn’t have her measurements.  However the sash keeps it from looking too baggy so she can keep it for now. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to dress her up after all. She really is in quite good condition with all her eyelashes and face paint intact. She’s quite a slim doll and it crossed my mind that she might be Italian but she could equally be a Made in Hong Kong. Unless I see a picture of a similar doll I’ll probably never know.

As she wasn’t really dirty I just gave her a rub down with 911 to freshen her up. She had one or two inky looking marks which I’m treating with Remove Zit but her main issue was her hair.

I spent quite some time on Sunday afternoon combing it out while we watched motor racing on TV. Later on I washed her hair with baby shampoo and combed conditioner through it. I’ve no idea what her original style was so as I didn’t have any rollers I just combed it back and finger combed it at the back to make it look a bit more bouncy.

Here is the result.

Hard plastic doll after her shampoo.

Hard plastic doll after her shampoo.

Hard plastic mystery doll

Hard plastic mystery doll

I took a couple of quick photos this evening after I redressed her. I would still like to do a bit more with her but for now she’s ready to take her place in the doll room.

Fashion Doll Friday – Black Basics Barbie No.11

This week’s doll is another of my favourite Basics girls and although I’ve used her as a model before I’m not sure if I have featured her.This is number 11 from the first series and she has the Teresa face. I call her Julia.

Black Basics Barbie

Black Basics Barbie No. 11

Fashion Doll Friday – M.I.A.

Regular followers of this blog will have noticed that there was no Fashion Doll Friday post this week. I think it’s the first time I’ve missed it since I started doing them.
On Friday my husband, who hasn’t been very well lately, had to go to hospital so for the last three days I’ve been shuttling back and forth between home and the hospital 60km away in Hobart. I’m pleased to say that he seems to be responding to treatment for an infection but I expect him to be in hospital for at least a few more days. Needless to say I haven’t had a lot of time to think about dolls.

Anyway I’m going to do what all television stations do when the scheduled programming is interrupted. I’m doing a re-run. Here is Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V aka Mel who I have posted about before but she’s one of my favourites so here she is again.
Normal programming will be resumed as soon as possible.

image FF Kayla blue/black dress

Mel looks pretty in a dress too.