Fashion Doll Friday – Sisters

Something different today as Fashion Doll Friday celebrates sisterhood. Today’s dolls are Joanne – Denim Basics Barbie #02 and Kate Black Basics Barbie #01 Joanne wears a borrowed Black Basics dress while Kate wears her own.

Sisters Joanne and Kate.

Sisters Joanne and Kate.

High School Reunion

I had fun this afternoon dressing up a bunch of Barbies. They are attending their high school reunion. I’ll leave it to your imaginations how many years it’s been since they were in school together.

From left to right meet Bonnie, Kate, Jan,Mandy (seated) Joanne, Midge (seated)Anna, Avis & Sandy(seated).

Barbie dolls

Some favourite Barbies get together.

Re Blog: Tiny Treasures, Big Fantasy: the Astolat Dollhouse Castle

Mary from New York Cliche just posted this wonderful article about an amazing dollshouse which I just had to share.


The $8.5 million Astolat Dollhouse Castle featuring 10,000 miniatures is on display November 12 through December 8 in the Shops at Columbus Circle NYC.

Source: Tiny Treasures, Big Fantasy: the Astolat Dollhouse Castle

Fashion Doll Friday – Denim Basics Barbie # 3

Today’s doll is my Denim Basic’s Barbie no. 3 now known as Avis. I found Avis for sale in K Mart for only $10 and bought her on the spot even though I was on my way to the cricket at the time. Today Avis is wearing a Fashion Fever outfit which I like on her even though she can’t wear the boots that go with it. Avis has chosen to wear the belt/scarf as a headband instead.

Avis in fashion fever dress

Avis in fashion fever dress, she wears her own shoes.

When Barbie Was At School – Thoughts On Vintage Fashion Dolls

A recent post by fellow doll blogger Zanka_ Dee got met thinking about the way that fashion dolls were marketed when I was a child. I don’t know what Mattel, Ideal, Pedigree and others were aiming for exactly but these are my perceptions of these dolls.

As you know I am from England and came to Australia as a young child so I grew up being familiar with Sindy as well as Barbie and to a lesser extent Tammy and Tressy.

Tressy was the first fashion doll I got and I recall her being marketed as a hair play doll. I saw television commercials for her. Tressy was made by Palitoy in England under licence from American Character so the dolls were fairly similar if not the same. I never really got into hair play and don’t recall that there was much Tressy merchandise available where I lived. I did get one proper Tressy outfit which I still have.  I was never really aware of her back story at the time and never became a big fan of Tressy the way I did my other fashion dolls.

Sindy was the big thing in England, even though she was based on Ideal’s Tammy in looks I think of Sindy as more of a young adult doll where Tammy  started out as a younger teenager. Barbie is now such a long-lived girl  and has had so many makeovers that it is hard to be sure how old she is supposed to be but back in the early sixties she was clearly a high school girl although obviously a more sophisticated teen than Tammy.

Soda Shop diorama from Pinterest

Tammy and Barbie had outfits that related to the American teenage experience. They participated in school events, they went to proms and Soda Shops and had after school jobs. Later they started to have careers like teacher and nurse which were probably what many girls expected to be when they grew up and more glamorous looking ones like airline stewardess and fashion model. The first Barbie commercial back in 1959 makes it very clear that Barbie expects to get married one day although here we are fifty-six years later and she’s still single.


Sindy was a very British doll I think. I can’t recall any of Sindy’s early fashions being for school activities so I presume that she was meant to be more than seventeen. She had the careers too, nurse and stewardess being the main ones I remember from my childhood but her life was more like a glamourised version of real life. Sindy went on ski holidays, ice skated and had her very own horse. She drove her own car and went on dates with her boyfriend but she also went shopping for groceries and cleaned her house. She was a grown up.

Sindy Scenesetter accessories 1969.jpg
Sindy Scenesetter accessories 1969” by Sindy Style Book 1969. Via Wikipedia.

I would have loved this 1980s Sindy kitchen.

image Tammy Family

Tammy Family Members

Tammy, on the other hand lived with her parents and siblings and her life was probably more like “The Patty Duke Show” but without the identical cousin gag.

Most fashion dolls today seem to come with some kind of back story. “Life in the Dreamhouse” and the various Barbie adventures that have been made into movies or webisodes if that’s the right word are much more rigid than the original concepts which was just to present the dolls and the appropriate accessories and leave the child to make up the stories.

I’m not too familiar with Fashion Royalty or Tonner dolls but those seem to have incredibly complicated and adult themed back stories, that’s fine. I think most adult collectors make up their own stories anyway if they like to redress and reimagine their dolls.

It’s not a bad thing to give a doll a personality in order to sell it but it’s not a bad thing to abandon that and make up your own either.



Fashion Fever Fashions – Solo Fashions – Part One

In addition to the Fashion Fever Closets Mattel released many single outfits. The first ones came in tubes and were complete outfits with shoes and accessories. Later they came in flat packaging and did not include the extras. There was also a range of separates such as skirts, pants and tops. I don’t have a lot of the separates but I do have a few of the tube fashions and quite a lot of the pack ones. Today I thought I’d show you a few of those.

The Models

Our models today are:

  • Brittany – Fashion Fever body
  • Grace – Denim Basics Barbie – model muse body
  • Gail – Red Basics Barbie – model muse body


The Fashions

Recently renamed Gail is first up with a denim skirt and a pretty white peasant blouse with pink embroidery. The outfit came with brown platform sandals which of course Gail cannot wear. The pink bag is part of the outfit. As usual the skirt rides a bit low on the hips of a Model Muse but it will stay up. The blouse is a great fit and looks nice on Gail I think.

Gail is also modelling the next outfit, a pair of cropped denim jeans and an asymmetric top. This outfit did not come with shoes so Gail is wearing her own. I think the stronger colours of this outfit suit her as the Red Basics girls have strong facial colouring.

Grace is next. She is wearing a blue blouse which was issued as a separate piece. Her jeans are from Etsy seller Ellasdolls and shoes are her own.

Brittany, who has recently had her hair restyled is wearing a tube outfit which I particularly like. The dress is white with silver spots and the white jacket has a fur trim. Brittany, luckily can wear the boots that came with the outfit.

As I have so many of these packs I will be featuring more of them between Closet posts.

Fashion Doll Friday – Hasbro World of Love – Peace -1971

Today’s doll is Peace from the World of Love Series made by Hasbro. The dolls are nine inches tall and a slim build similar to the Skipper of that time. The other dolls in the series are Flower, a redhead, Love, a blonde, Soul a black-haired AA doll and Adam, a male doll.
Here is a link to a site all about them.

Hasbro World of Love - Peace

Hasbro World of Love – Peace

Peace visiting the Tammy house.

Peace visiting the Tammy house.